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# 1000 Monthly

Storage space of 4 slots for products and services


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# 5000 Monthly

Designed for small business and entrepreneurs, it gives you limited storage space of upto 25 slots for products and services for your Inventory. One-Time Monthly promotion and advertising your OOS.


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# 70000 Yearly

Designed for organizations, and businesses. 90+ storage and content slots for inventory, weekly promotions sometimes Facebook, Instagram and Google. Customized website design and domain, plus other unique features.


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We value your time and that's why we begin every project at the earliest. We ensure to meet time frames.


To make every organisation and individual unique with their products and services. And we believe that information is the new currency.


To be among the no.1 industry-leading technology and business skills institute in the world


Creating a great social media marketing strategy for your business or org. to have an effective and reliable stream of conversion.


Implementing an eCommerce Solution that will suit your business and boost sales over the internet.


Our support team are always here for you 24/7, our technical team and experts in various fields work tirelessly to meet your needs.

About Online Office Tech

Online Office Tech is a company dedicated to advancing both individuals and organizations through Information Technology.

Our team consists of highly trained and experienced professionals who continually update their skills to keep pace with the dynamic field of IT. Our goal is to equip individuals and organizations with the necessary IT skills, the latest technologies, and a strict commitment to best practices.

This will help tackle the rate of computer illiteracy, and by introducing #TechClass, a coding initiative, which has in its goals: to increase the rate of computer literacy in Nigeria, and the African continent at large, to enable individuals solve problems easily and more efficiently with basic tech software and tools, and lastly, to introduce and make computer education fun.

For a long time (till date), our online platforms ranks 4th out of more than 40000 results on Google Search (Maps). when a search on “Tech Training Surulere” is made. We were able to partner with more than 7 companies including Zobasoft Nigeria, Clever Software Limited, LaSkill, Siscomedia Limited, ACIT Limited, and more. We are trusted and always give management and technical assistance, including business training, mentorship programs, marketing assistance, and high-level executive development to other organizations and clients. We are proud to report that we have received awards and certificates from I.T training programs organized by Google, Microsoft and some other tech organizations.

Our leaders and team members are as follows: Francis Anthony, Anita Chioma, Godwin Nwaokike, Seun Ogunmola, Emmanuel Obiasulu and Bede Nneji.

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Our Mission

To make every organization and individual unique with their products, services and information. And we believe that information is the new currency.


Our Vision

To be among the no.1 industry-leading technology and business skills institute in the world



Our Core Values - We have built a successful business by focusing on our core business values.

We value our customers: We go the extra mile to satisfy your needs. We put our clients first in any business decision.

We value our reputation: We continually strive to enhance our services and ourselves. We aim for betterment at the individual and organizational level.

Healthy, Dynamic and Transparent environment: We encourage teamwork, free flow of ideas, outside the box thinking and an ideal blend of self-expression and teamwork.


What is Online Office Site (OOS)?

Online Office Site offers specialized websites tailored for entrepreneurs, organizations, and businesses. With over 100 registered sites, our experienced digital marketing team ensures each one is expertly managed.

The mission of OOS is to enable everyone to own a website and assist individuals in sharing their innovative ideas with the world. Discover our various OOS plans or begin your online journey with our 30-day Free Trial Plan. After the trial, an upgrade is required to retain full functionality. Without upgrading, certain features will be restricted, and ads may appear in some sections of your OOS.

What are the benefits of Online Office Site?

1 Tailor your OOS design and web address (domain name) to enhance your brand's credibility and present a professional image to visitors. You can also showcase unique links such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and your phone number. OOS provides a budget-friendly solution to market your products or services, significantly cutting down the need for ongoing and expensive advertising

2 Promote your business and handle all your content (including products, services, articles, photos, etc.) to reach a wide online audience. Utilize a personal dashboard to update inventories, organize content, and access various exceptional services.

3 Enhance your website's visibility and draw in more organic traffic with proven search engine optimization strategies. These include acquiring backlinks, conducting A/B testing, and creating campaigns on social media platforms, blogs, and other websites

4 Your Online Office Site (OOS) is always active, enabling potential customers to access information and make inquiries at any time. Visitors can reach your site from anywhere using any device, including mobile phones, desktop PCs, laptops, and tablets

5 All OOS Plans include professional website features such as Email Marketing Integration, Inventory Monitoring, and Analytics, along with many others

6 We oversee your OOS meticulously, examining various aspects such as speed, SEO, visitor engagement, color schemes, and overall structure. Our service provides valuable insights into visitor behavior, enabling you to make informed decisions for enhancing your OOS. Additionally, our 24/7 support is always available to address any inquiries you may have.

Is there a team behind OOS?

Absolutely, we boast a skilled team of leaders, instructors, and tech experts who are prepared to address your inquiries and successfully execute your project research endeavors.

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Can I earn with my OOS?

Certainly, you have the opportunity to accumulate points on by generating distinctive content, promoting your online office, and fulfilling straightforward tasks on your dashboard

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